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Planning Your Holiday

Welcome to our website which is totally FREE for Holidaymakers and Travellers to use. is an advertising platform only. All the properties advertised here are privately owned and have been listed by the Owners or their Managers/Agents.

Whilst all information submitted to this site by a third party is deemed to be accurate KiwiShortStay makes no guarantee that this is so and cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation or misleading references etc., displayed in the Listings. Make sure you are 100% certain before you commit yourself or make any payment (see our Terms of Use).

If you find a property you like, your enquiry will be sent directly to the Owner/Agent and they will handle it personally. Be sure to ask all the relevant questions and if possible speak to them personally by telephone to establish a rapport.

The process for renting a holiday home differs from booking a hotel room. One of the many benefits is working with owners and managers directly. Their personal interest in your stay and knowledge of the property are far beyond that of a hotel concierge! This helps you make the best choice for you and your family. Sometimes it may take an owner or manager a while to respond to your enquiry for a variety of reasons. So be patient, send multiple enquiries and follow our easy steps below to reserve a holiday rental - it's absolutely worth it!

Choose a Property
Use our search facilities to browse for a property. You can search by location, number of bedrooms, self catering/catered - amongst some of the options. You can also refine a search if you need specific requirements.

Contact the Owner
When you have chosen a few options, contact the owner or agent directly from the information provided on the property listing - either e-mail or phone them. If you communicate by email use the secure form link on the bottom of all property details. Allow up to 48 hours for email replies (some owners cannot get to a computer every day). State dates required (arrival and departure) and the number of people in your party. Confirm the price for your holiday, and also ask any questions you have that are not covered in the property details. If you are communicating by phone, be aware of time differences in other countries. Please mention KiwiShortStay when you contact them.

Make a booking
Once you receive a reply and have decided on a property you like - make a booking. This is best done by email, confirming the dates, number in party and the price of your stay again. If you still have queries, make sure you ask further questions about any area where you have doubts. Also ask how the owner/agent requires payment of the deposit.

Pay Your Deposit
Most properties require a deposit on booking, usually a % of the total cost. The most common methods of payments are by bank transfer or credit card. If paying by bank transfer, the owner/agent should give you all the details you require to take to the bank. Payment by credit card should be done over the phone or through a secure site, do not send your credit card details by ordinary email - it's not safe. Make the deposit payment within the specified time and ensure you receive a confirmation of receipt by email, this should confirm your payment, the balance left to pay and the date the balance is required. Keep a copy of this email for your records.

Changing or Cancelling your booking
Please contact the Owner or Manager directly as soon as possible. At the option of the Owner/Manager there may be a charge against your payment to compensate for potential missed bookings or costs incurred.

Travel Arrangements
Booking your travel arrangements after booking a property gives you more flexibility on your accommodation. However, you might have booked a flight and want accommodation to fit around it - whatever you do, make sure you book your travel arrangements in plenty of time. It is the responsibility of a holidaymaker to make their own travel arrangements to and from the property. Useful information such as nearest airport, are usually included on the property details to help you.

Travel Insurance
It is essential to take out your own travel insurance that covers unforeseen cancellations. This is best done immediately you make your booking.

Pay Your Balance
The balance of the holiday is usually required a few weeks before you go. Make your payment by one of the secure methods mentioned above. Some properties require a security deposit or bond refundable at the end of your holiday on leaving the property in good order. Ensure you obtain an email or written receipt for any payments made.

You should receive directions and contact details and most owners/agents provide a rental agreement, setting out their terms and conditions and cancellation policy. Most owners make arrangements to give you the key on arrival, some send the key by secure mail, but whatever the arrangements, make sure that you are clear about how to receive your key.

Travel to your Property
A few weeks before you go, inform the owner/agent of your arrival date and time, confirm this with them again by email or phone a few days before you go. Ensure you take with you the address, directions, contact details, the key - (if sent by post) and copies of all paperwork including the property details.

Allow plenty of time to travel to the property, in case there are unforeseen delays. Read instructions and directions carefully before departing and carry a mobile phone for emergency contact.

Checking out
When you check-out, remember to leave the property clean and tidy as you found it, collect your security deposit and return the key.